How to choose this desiccant packaging paper?

The desiccant packaging material must have good air permeability, strength and excellent heat sealability. Different packaging materials can be selected according to the application industry and the weight.
At present, the widely used desiccant packaging materials mainly include: ordinary non-woven fabrics, spunlace non-woven fabrics, Japanese non-woven fabrics, breathable tissue paper, and membranes. Desiccants have a variety of choices according to their types and uses. For example, large-size desiccants require packaging materials with better strength; electronic products have requirements for the dust-proof and anti-static properties of desiccant packaging materials; food and medicines require desiccants The strength and cleanness of the packaging material are required; hardware and handicrafts have requirements for the contact back seepage and air permeability of the desiccant; the continuous desiccant (chain) for automatic packaging has requirements for the tensile strength and cutting toughness of the packaging material, etc. .

The difference between desiccant packaging paper

Desiccant packaging materials commonly used at home and abroad are mainly divided into: domestic air-permeable paper (filter paper), non-woven fabric, composite paper, net-grained paper and Tyvek from DuPont. Filter paper can be used for small-size silica gel desiccant packaging. It is used for packaging montmorillonite powder that is not strong enough and easy to leak, and has good air permeability; composite paper has poor air permeability, resulting in slow moisture absorption, and is generally not suitable for moisture-proof packaging of electronic products; none Woven fabric has a certain strength and excellent air permeability, but it is easy to leak powder when used for packaging montmorillonite; anilox paper has good air permeability, high strength, good dust resistance, wide applicability, and the price is higher than ordinary composites. The paper is high, but much lower than DuPont paper. It is an ideal choice for medium and high-grade packaging materials; Tyvek is an ideal material that can be used for various desiccant packaging, with high strength, folding resistance, tear resistance, and The characteristics of static electricity, good air permeability, excellent weather resistance and chemical resistance, dust-free design, used for packaging desiccant, not only has good air permeability, but also sufficient strength and beautiful printing effect, the only The disadvantage is the high price.

Post time: Mar-30-2021
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