Blue discolored silica gel

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Blue color silica gel desiccant:Appearance: : blue transparent particlesPacking: packed in 500 grams of bottled, 25 kg bags.Specifications: 1-3 mm, 2-4 mm, 3-5 mm, 4-8 mmMain use: absorption of moisture, humidity indicator, widely used in precision instruments, medicine, petrochemical industry, clothing, leather home appliances moistureproof dehumidification.Product introduction: the product appearance for the blue ball or irregular shape of the particles, the main composition is sio2, color change with different humidity, not be affected with damp be affected with damp in blue, with the increase of moisture adsorption and gradually became pink.

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Blue discolored silica gel

Specifications of the Blue discolored silica gel:


Appearance: Irregular massive, round granules

Color: Blue

Specifications: 0.5-1mm    2-4mm  3-5mm  4-8mm

Temperature resistance: 1600 ℃

Main uses: moisture absorption, indicating drying degree or temperature, widely used in precision instruments, medicine, petrochemical industry, food, clothing, leather, household appliances.

Product Brief of the Blue discolored silica gel

The product is a spherical or irregular shape of particles, the appearance of blue, its main component is silicon dioxide, color varies with humidity, blue when not wet, and gradually become pink with the increase of moisture absorbed by itself.

Technical index of the Blue discolored silica gel




Adsorption capacity%≥









Light pink





Heating decrement




Particle Size Qualification Rate




Product specification of the Blue discolored silica gel:

 0.5-1mm   2-4mm3-5mm 4-8mm

Product packaging of the Blue discolored silica gel:

25kg/composite bag, lined with polyethylene bag! Or according to custom-made packaging.


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